Dagwood will eat his heart out on March 3rd because it’s National Cold Cuts Day. Call them lunch meats, deli meats, sandwich meats, or cold cuts. Some like them thick, while others stack them mile high. Others still just like them with cheese and crackers. However you like them, National Cold Cuts Day was made for sandwich and snack makers.

There are the deli staples like the humble turkey and ham.  Then there are the culinary delights like salami and prosciutto and flavors that require a more acquired taste like head cheese and braunschweiger. Whatever your taste, there is a cold cut for everyone. Well, everyone except the vegetarian.

Every nationality has a flavor all their own when it comes to seasoning, curing and aging a variety of meats. Spices, smoking, and time alters the taste. When the animal is butchered, temperature and air circulation affect the flavor, too.

It’s essentially an art history lesson all rolled into one, and at the end of it all, there’s mouth-watering food that can be enjoyed with friends and a good beverage.

Or, it’s merely a piece of meat meant to make a meal. Breaking bread with friends sounds so much more delightful, though.

Bologna is one of the most popular cold cuts in the United States due to a famous commercial. Named after the Italian city of the same name, bologna is similar to an Italian sausage called Mortadella.

Other popular cuts are chicken, roast beef, pastrami, corned beef, and pepperoni.

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Visit a local deli and enjoy the following:

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