March is the month to take a look at all the ways frozen food can make life better.  Not only is it a convenience, it can make life healthier, too. Frozen food gets a bad rap once in a while; some say it has negative effects or is loaded with preservatives… But as long as you check the ingredients list and choose the options with the shortest list of ingredients (that you can pronounce, preferably), you’re in the clear. Here are some fun and surprising facts about frozen food that might leave your stomach growling.

  • Frozen food doesn’t expire! You can leave food in the freezer indefinitely without it spoiling, but the longer you leave it, the more it may lose flavor.
  • It’s safe to refreeze food after you’ve taken it out of the freezer to place in the fridge, but again, it may lose a bit of flavor.
  • You can buy frozen fruits and vegetables for a consistently healthy diet, and they won’t spoil like they do in the fridge or sitting on your counter.
  • Generally, it’s still okay to eat after its expiration date.
  • Don’t forget to celebrate National Frozen Food Day or TV Dinner Day!

The National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association supports National Frozen Food Month every March.

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Use #NationalFrozenFoodMonth or #FrozenFoodMonth to post on social media about how you are participating. We all tend to get caught up in the busyness of every day life, and it’s not always realistic that we will have a fresh, home-cooked meal for dinner every night. This month, give yourself a little extra time to relax and let frozen meals help you make your evening meals a little easier! You deserve it.

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