National Flour Month in March is a time to recognize the versatility of this ground staple kitchen item. Grab your apron and start celebrating!

It’s been thousands of years since humans learned they could mill wheat seed between stones into flour. While wheat is the most common variety of flour, corn, peas, potatoes, nuts, and other grains are also used to produce flour, too.

We use flour to make baked goods, pasta, crackers, pastries, and sauces. As a key ingredient in many recipes, flour fills canisters in a well-stocked kitchen.

A loaf of homemade bread would fill the home with an aroma of yeasty goodness in the middle of March. However, flour doesn’t limit us to bread baking. Perhaps we thicken a stew with freshly made noodles and wrap up the day with piping hot pie. Whatever we decide, we know with the right ingredients and the right amount of flour everything will be delicious.

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