Every March, National Athletic Training Month focuses on the impact Athletic Trainers (ATs) have on the safety and well-being of their clients and patients. All month long, participants celebrate ATs dedication to their profession.

Athletic Trainers offer expert care and are trained, medical professionals. They work in a variety of settings, providing preventative services, rehabilitative, and emergency services.

ATs serve in some of the following settings:

  • clinics/hospitals
  • colleges/universities
  • secondary schools
  • military
  • police force
  • fire departments
  • performing arts

ATs develop programs to prevent injury. They evaluate their patients and ensure they receive necessary screenings. In the event of injury, ATs develop rehabilitation plans designed to return their patient safely to the level of performance before the injury. ATs are also able to asses and refer patients for specialized care.


National Athletic Trainers Association promotes National Athletic Training Month to spread the importance of ATs and the valuable work they do all over the country. In previous years, the organization has sponsored a theme with the promotion. Past themes have included:

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalAthleticTrainingMonth

Give an athletic trainer you know a shout out. Thank them for their care, professional knowledge, and support. If you’re an athletic trainer, encourage someone interested in the profession. Attend a career fair and share your experience. Thank someone who supported you in your career path. If you’re interested in becoming an athletic trainer, explore career options and education. Learn more about the profession and where to begin.  Use #NationalAlthleticTrainingMonth to share on social media.


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