On February 20th, National Muffin Day serves up a delicious celebration packed with flavor and options, too!

Bakeries offer these single-serving quick breads in several sizes. From mini bite-sized muffins and jumbo ones to the favored muffin tops, they also offer a varied nutritional value. Depending on the ingredients, a muffin can be high in fat and calories. However, substituting whole grains, changing a few other ingredients, and limiting the serving size can increase the nutritional quality of a muffin.

Baking with fresh fruits and berries brings a brightness to muffins. It also keeps them from becoming dry as they bake. One of America’s favorite muffins is the blueberry muffin. Another way to add flavor and texture is by mixing in nuts and oats. Bakers often have bits of chocolate and bananas that need to be used. Mixing them into the muffin batter will keep your muffin eaters happy in the morning, too!

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HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalMuffinDay

Bake up a batch of your favorite muffins. Running short on time? Stop by your favorite bakery and pick up a half dozen to share. Be sure to give a shout out to the baker to let them know how much you appreciate their service. And use #NationalMuffinDay to post on social media.

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