Crab and flounder take center stage on February 18th when National Crab Stuffed Flounder Day arrives each year. The day recognizes the unique, flavorful delight when crab and flounder combine.

This one-of-kind dish is composed of a stuffing made with crab meat, bread crumbs, butter, and seasonings, which is stuffed into the whole flounder or rolled up into the fillets and baked.

Flounder is a flatfish in approximately 100 different species. Around the United States, the winter flounder and Pacific flounder are common species. While there are thousands of species of crabs, only certain ones are edible. In the United States, some of the more popular and tasty ones are the blue crab, stone crab, Dungeness, king, and rock or snow crabs. They come in both hard and soft shells and can be found along all the coasts and Hawaii.

Popular along the East and Gulf Coasts, there are a variety of restaurants that serve crab-stuffed flounder, and there are plenty of recipes to try your hand at making at home.

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The day is perfect for snowbirds vacationing along sunny beaches. It’s an excellent time to order up a plate or two at your favorite seafood restaurant. Or maybe you should try your hand at making it at home. We’ve even found a couple of recipes worth testing. Be sure to invite friends and family to join you. How else would you celebrate?

Crab Meat Stuffed Flounder Roulades

Crab Meat Stuffed Flounder

If you are also celebrating National Drink Wine Day on February 18, a sweet Riesling or a Chardonnay will pair well with Crab-Stuffed Flounder.

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