Each year on the day of the championship game, another kind of pigskin is celebrated. National Pork Rind Day recognizes the fried edible skin of the pig.

A variety of snack producers make these high-protein, no-carb, gluten-free, crunchy snacks. Usually lightly seasoned with a little salt, dieters turn to pork rinds to satisfy their munchies when they are avoiding chips. They also come in several flavors such as barbecue, spicy, cinnamon, and salt & vinegar.

Clever cooks use crushed pork rinds in their recipes. Crushed pork rinds make low-carb breading for meatballs, breaded chicken, meatloaf, and even more.

But pork rinds have been a favorite of snackers long before paleo, keto, and low-carb diets came along. There is just something about these crunchy little pig skins that make people happy.


In 2011, Rudolph Foods declared National Pork Rinds Day to be celebrated on Super Bowl. The Ohio-based company promoted the day by also recognizing the truckers who deliver the pork rinds to grocers, convenience stores, and the big game every year. They handed out free bags of pork rinds to truck drivers.

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Enjoy your favorite brand of pork rinds on National Pork Rind Day. If you’ve never had them, be sure to give them a try. Whip up some dips to enjoy while you watch the big game. You can even explore some new recipes, too. Be sure to invite your friends over to try them out. Be sure to try Jen’s Keto Breaded Chicken, too.

However you celebrate, be sure to use #PorkRindDay on social media.

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