February makes an excellent time for Great American Pies Month. Fill the whole month by tasting delicious pies from around the country! How many pies will it take to find your favorite?

Pie makers get ready to count the ways of making pies. From crust to filling, we dream of the mouthwatering goodness that goes into each slice. Where do we even begin?

Apple springs to mind, of course. There’s no doubt there. And blueberry pie is popular, too. National Cherry Pie Day is the only one celebrated in February. In Texas, they make a dewberry pie. We could, no doubt go on until we reach zucchini pie. Somewhere in all those, we would find key lime and Mississippi Mud, pecan, and peanut butter. We can’t forget coconut or lemon meringue. For those with an extra sweet tooth, head to Indiana for the sugar cream pie. Did we forget the traditional pumpkin pie?

But in the middle of a cold winter’s day, one way to warm up the whole house and the people in it is with a savory pot pie. Stuffed inside a flaky golden crust are the tender chunks of vegetables, beef or chicken, and a thick and hearty broth steaming full of goodness.


Crisco helped start Great American Pies Month in 1990.

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HOW TO OBSERVE #GreatAmericanPieMonth

We didn’t come close to naming all the best pies in America. However, that’s not what the month is about. It’s about enjoying them. Bake them, share them, eat them. Use #GreatAmericanPiesMonth to share your favorite pies and recipes on social media.

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