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On January 8th, National English Toffee Day celebrates a favored confection that’s been enjoyed across the country for generations. 

In the United States, English toffee is a popular variant of the original toffee. A butter confection topped with almonds, it’s made by caramelizing white sugar with butter and can be both hardened or chewy.  The Heath bar is a type of candy bar made with an English toffee core.

However, the British make toffee with only brown sugar, not white. And while they typically do not add nuts, they will add a layer off chocolate. Don’t hesitate to try dark, milk or white chocolate with English toffee. All varieties add a different texture and flavor.

Both the American and British versions are enjoyed all year long, though.  

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HOW TO OBSERVE #EnglishToffeeDay

Gather up your ingredients. Making toffee can be both challenging and rewarding. It’s also a beautiful candy with delicious textures. Share it with the office or family members. Visit your favorite bakery or candy shop to pick up an order of English toffee freshly made.

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