Fun Holiday – Polar Bear Plunge Day

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Also known as Polar Plunge, Polar Bear Swim Day, New Year’s Dive, Loony Dook

Start off the year with an act of daredevilry. Celebrate Polar Plunge Day on January 1 by taking a dip in the cold, freezing waters of your local lake, river or pond.

The Polar Bear Plunge, where participants jump into a cold water body, is an activity usually held in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a popular New Year’s Day tradition in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Netherlands. In these countries, many people organize and participate in a Polar Bear Plunge for charity.

Did You Know…

… that polar bears have 2 layers of fur and are insulated from the cold with 4 inches (10 cm) of blubber?

Personally I don’t think I could be convinced to be a spectator much less take the Plunge. In our neighborhood there are pictures of the local bayou covered in ice. This is Florida! As a rule we don’t participate in this. The most salt our natives want to see is on a margarita glass!

How to Celebrate?

  • If you are brave enough to participate, find a pond, lake, the sea or just fill up your bath with freezing cold water and take a plunge.
  • Support someone who is participating in a Polar Bear Plunge for charity.
  • In the Southern Hemisphere? Then you probably want to celebrate Polar Bear Plunge Day every day until the summer is over.

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