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National Sunday Supper Month is an annual designation observed in January.  A waning tradition, the Sunday Supper was once an opportunity after a hectic week for families to gather to spend time together and share stories about their week.  This month National Sunday Supper Month and the Sunday Supper Movement resolves to bring back this family tradition.

If 2020 has taught us anything it is definitely the value of each other. A reminder that time is fleeting and our families are way more important than celebrities, influencers, and others. Taking time each week to prepare and sit down together, gives us a recharge to face the challenges presented in the outside world.

The lasting memories created will warm both adults and children alike. It gives a family another opportunity to put down the gadgets and engage with each other. In our household this not only educated us it forged strong connections. Lively debate was often encouraged as well as the chance to simply catch up on each others, achievements, trials, stresses and demonstrate care and concern if needed. This is a great time to indulge in Slow Cooking Month and National Soup Month.


Gather with family or friends and prepare a meal together.  Savor each other’s company around the supper table.  Use #SundaySupper to post a photo of your set up on social media. Life gets busy and it can be hard for families and friends to come together, sit down and enjoy a meal together… But if you can make time to do so, you will never regret it! Check out some of my favorite recipes here.


Isabel Laessig is the founder of the Sunday Supper Movement and the Food and Wine Conference. A mother of four, she was inspired to start her blog, Family Foodie, when her oldest left for college and the things she would miss most about home would be the times spent in the kitchen and around the table with family.

In 2012 Laessig and eight other bloggers and their families celebrated the first virtual Sunday Supper with a progressive dinner.  According to Laessig, she and these eight bloggers are “passionate about bringing families together to cook and eat together.”


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