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National Wear Your Pearls Day on December 15th reminds us that when life throws dirt our way, we all have value in the end. The beautiful result of nature’s design, one irritating grain of sand can cause an iridescent pearl to form.  

Today Pearl’s come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Cultured freshwater Pearl’s make them affordable and with enough variety for everyone. Make sure you consult a good jeweler for care and up keep. While they remind us of our strength and value the pearls themselves are a delicate gemstone.

If it is a pearl pendant on a traditional chain, or the classic strand, enjoy the beauty that are Pearl’s. If your looking for a strand to make your own, choose those that are knotted in between. The last thing you want is to live one of those scenes where it breaks and pearls go everywhere.

Like a lot of women I inherited a strand. They are beautiful and quite old. I wore them on my wedding day. While we have not been blessed with children, I’ll pass them down to one of my niece’s for here wedding day. There is something very special about passing jewelry that’s been in a family for up to hundreds and hundreds of years when cared for.

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HOW TO OBSERVE #WearYourPearlsDay

When life throws dirt your way, put on your pearls as a reminder that you have value regardless of your current circumstances. Use #NationalWearYourPearlsDay to share on social media and on December 15 wear your pearls.


Best-selling author and motivational speaker, DeAnna Bookert, founded National Wear Your Pearls Day because pearls represented the story of her life and how she struggled with depression.  “I wear pearls as a reminder that I have purpose and value.”  


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