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National Lager Day on December 10th raises a glass to the third most popular beverage after water and tea. While lager is typically characterized as a light, summer beer we believe that every season deserves to be celebrated with a few of your favorite things.

Lagers are distinguished from other beers by using a cold-conditioning process. The types of yeast used are referred to as “bottom-fermenting” yeast or yeast that can develop at colder temperatures. Before the advent of refrigeration, brewers perfected this process in cellars dug into the ground and filled with ice. Those who taste the delicious results described the lager as “crisp” and “refreshing.” It is no wonder that this method caught on and produced a wide variety of brews synonymous with regional and national brands.

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HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalLagerDay

Order a flight and discover a variety of delicious lagers. Invite friends to join you. Learn about the brewing process, too. Tour a brewery or find out more from a brewmaster. 

While enjoying your favorite lager, order a pair of beer socks for you and your friends. Be sure to use #NationalLagerDay to post a photo of you wearing them on social media.


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