National Spicy Hermit Cookie Day celebrates a cookie flavor reminiscent autumn spices. Recognized on November 15th, this time of year is ideal for baking up a batch of these delicious cookies. 

Considered an old-fashioned cookie, it’s spice comes from cinnamon, cloves, allspice and sometimes nutmeg. An added bonus are the raisins, nuts, and dates.

Hermit cookies originated in the New England area. In 1880, the young ladies of the Trinity Church, Plattsburgh, New York published the cookbook Champlain Valley Book of Recipes with a Hermits recipe. This local cookbook was a 3rd edition suggesting its first printing was a year or two earlier. Soft and chewy, these cookies sure put a smile on the face of all who taste them.

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HOW TO OBSERVE #SpicyHermitCookieDay

Add hermit cookies to your holiday baking list. Host a baking party and invite friends to join you. Snuggle up with a plate of these delicious cookies and share them while drinking a cup of hot cocoa. 

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