On November 7th, National Dark Chocolate with Almonds Day ushers in one of the more healthful ways to enjoy chocolate. Dark chocolate is chocolate liquor to which sugar, cocoa butter, and vanilla have been added. It has less sugar and more liquor than semisweet chocolate. However, the two of them may be interchangeable when baking.

Recent studies reveal health benefits from eating small quantities of Dark chocolate. The addition of almonds increases health benefits as well. Pairing the two of them gives us a delicious and healthy snack. Make them a part of your lunch or enjoy them as part of an afternoon snack. 

In 1742, Eliza Smith included the only chocolate recipe in her cookbook, The Compleat Housewife, printed by William Parks. The simple recipe combined grated chocolate, orange flower water, and sugar. But, no almonds.

However, plenty of recipes include almonds and chocolate. You only need to know where to look. When combining chocolate and almonds, remember that both keep well, too. So, sharing during the holidays is easy. Make a little or a lot of a recipe to spread the holiday cheer when using dark chocolate with almonds.

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The National Confectioners Association sponsors Dark Chocolate With Almonds Day.

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Chocolate and almonds can improve just about any day. Try one of the recipes below or one of your favorites to celebrate. Make enough to share or invite friends to get creative with chocolate recipes in your kitchen. Are you looking for other ways to add chocolate and almonds to your day? Here are some ideas to share:

  • Top your oatmeal with some chopped dark chocolate and almonds. It will add crunch and flavor.
  • Make up some granola for a mid-snack using chocolate and almonds.
  • Roll up some delicious energy bites with these two amazing ingredients and put them in the freezer for a quick and easy craving quencher.
  • Enjoy them separately! Add dark chocolate to your morning coffee, and top your salad with almonds. You might be missing the “with” but we won’t tell.

While you are celebrating, be sure to use #BittersweetChocolateWithAlmondsDay to post on social media.

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