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I have a short cut I’ve used for years. I worked in retail for almost 20 years. Due to health issues I can ignore Black Friday.

While having to get up for work at 1am…no that’s not a typo. Get up at 1am be at my store by 3am. While I do not miss those schedules I learned some tricks that I still use when cooking Thanksgiving dinner. The biggest one hear is how much work it takes and spending all day in the kitchen. So with that in mind here are my turkey tricks

If doing a whole turkey, even for just a few do the bigger on. The work to cook a bird big or small is about the same. 10lbs or 22lbs, you still have to defrost, clean, baste, roast, etc. So do the bigger bird and make it worth your time. Turkey’s go on great sales and leftovers and 3 or more meals is a great investment of your time and money.

Just you 2? If your staying in and still want that traditional turkey? Try a turkey breast. Bone in or a Butterball Turkey breast roast are great alternatives. We like the roasts with both white and dark meat. You can cook traditionally in the oven, but a great time saver is your crockpot. You can add broth and water to keep it moist. Put it in the night before and you’re done. You can even toss potatoes and veggies in too. We do this other times of the year too.

Set it and forget the basting, constant lifting, turning it over… On low with plenty of broth makes it almost fool proof.

Crock-pot 7 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker with Digital Countdown Timer|Polished Platinum

by Crock-Pot
Crock-pot 7 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker with Digital Countdown Timer|Polished Platinum

by Crock-Pot


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