Calling all vegans! World Vegan Month is an annual designation observed in November. This month, plant-based eaters from across the globe come together to celebrate their 100% cruelty-free lifestyle. So, what exactly defines a vegan? Veganism is a way of life that excludes all forms of cruelty to animals for food, products, or any other purpose.

There are many different ways to embrace the vegan lifestyle, but the underlying “rule” is to eat a plant-based diet. Vegans also so a step further than just avoiding meat; they also avoid fish, dairy, eggs, and honey, as well as products like leather or fur. You might be thinking, “So, what can they eat?” Surprisingly, there are thousands of vegan recipes out there that are delicious, and exceptionally nutritious.

Another commonly asked question is, “Why would somebody choose to go vegan?” To which there are a handful of answers, according to

  1. To save the animals. Vegans do not appreciate the treatment of animals on farms, nor the killing of the animals as soon as their production rates decrease.
  2. For the environment. Animal agriculture takes a toll on the earth by contaminating aquatic ecosystems, soil, and more.
  3. For their own health. Research shows that consuming animal fats and proteins is linked to heart disease, colon and lung cancer, diabetes, obesity, and other debilitating conditions.

Want more reasons to go Vegan? These along with a ton of delicious recipes have made going vegan a tasty, healthy lifestyle choice that just might have you choosing this too. Don’t forget World Vegan Day!

  1. Going vegan treats/reverses health conditions you may already have. Many experts say a plant-based diet is often more effective than medication, or even medical procedures when it comes to treating diseases.
  2. Sticking to a plant-based lifestyle helps you get slim, and stay that way. Vegans are the only group of people who average a normal and healthy BMI (body mass index) because they do not eat animal products that are calorie-dense.
  3. Animal products usually contain bacteria, antibiotics, hormones, dioxins, and other toxins that can lead to health problems in humans. (This is one reason food poisoning is so common.)
  4. You can try amazing new meals! There are more than 20,000 kinds of edible plants in the world. Believe it or not, prepared with the right spices and side dishes, these plant-based meals are delicious and satisfying.
  5. It’s never been so easy to be vegan. These days, most supermarkets have entire sections devoted to the vegan lifestyle, including meat replacement options and delectable desserts.

The Vegan Society first began as another branch of the Vegetarian Society in November, 1944. However, in our research, we were unable to find who actually founded World Vegan Month.

Celebrate Vegetables


Use #WorldVeganMonth to post on social media. Going full vegan would be hard for a lot of people, but there are benefits that veganism brings. People from dozens of different ages, professions, and backgrounds have been turning to the vegan side lately, and numbers are on the rise.


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