National Boston Cream Pie Day serves up a delicious dessert on October 23rd each year. Pie lovers, move along.  Cake lovers, pull up a chair. Let’s celebrate the cake with an identity crisis! Boston Cream Pie is a chocolate frosted, custard-filled cake that is loved by millions.

The name says Pie, and the taste says Cake. This treat is a favorite for almost everyone and those who love it can overlook its name confusion. Looking for a taste of this without the work? Lucky for you this can be found in some Eclairs and a donut version as well.

With creamy custard and covered in chocolate this treat is hard to say no to what ever you call it. It’s so popular that Massachusetts made it its official dessert in 1996.

In 1856, at Boston’s Parker House Hotel, French chef Monsieur Augustine Francois Anezin created this pudding and cake combination.
The decadent cake comprises two layers of sponge cake filled with vanilla-flavored custard or creme patisserie. The cake is then topped with a chocolate glaze, such as a ganache or sometimes powdered sugar and a cherry.

HOW TO OBSERVE #BostonCreamPieDay

Celebrate the dessert with a slice of homemade Boston Creme Pie made from the following recipe. Be sure to invite someone to share it with you and make it a real celebration. Don’t want to bake? Visit your favorite bakery and give them a shout out while you’re there. Take a selfie and share it on social media.

Use #BostonCreamPieDay to post on social media.

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