On September 27th, National Corned Beef Hash Day adds flavor to every meal while cleaning out the fridge, too.

Making corned beef hash is a great way to use up leftovers. Corned beef hash became popular during and after World War II. Since rationing limited the availability of fresh meat, corned beef filled the gap. Cooks became creative with herbs, spices, and leftovers. Nothing was wasted. In lean times, stretching a meal became a priority. 

The Hormel Company claims it introduced corned beef hash and roast beef hash to the United States as early as 1950. However, World War II reporter, Betty Wason, lists a corned beef hash recipe in her Cooking Without Cans cookbook printed in 1943. Other forms of hash existed as part of the American diet since at least the 19th century.  The numerous recipes available before that time also attest to the country’s love of the dish as does the existence of many “hash houses” named after the dish.

HOW TO OBSERVE #CornedBeefHashDay

Serve up some corned beef hash for breakfast or supper. Either way, you’ll be adding flavor to your meal. So, make a lot and invite a crowd. Use #CornedBeefHashDay to post on social media.


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