On September 15th each year, National Neonatal Nurses Day recognizes those who care for the most fragile patients as they take their first breaths. The celebration takes place in the middle of National Neonatal Intensive Care Awareness Month. 

Neonatal nurse specialists work with newborn infants who are delicate at birth due to a variety of reasons. They may have been born premature or born with birth defects, infection, surgical issues, or heart problems. Neonatal nurses also provide care for healthy newborn infants immediately following their birth.

The demand for neonatal nurses continues to rise. Their expertise and training meet the needs of the youngest, most fragile, and critical patients in any hospital. Many require 24-hour care and attention. While most neonatal newborns spend a month or two in the hospital, some require longer care. The neonatal nurse provides their care for the duration of the stay. Some neonatal nurses provide care beyond the neonatal period. 

The day celebrates their dedication and commitment to the profession. It also is a way to encourage others interested in the field to take a closer look. With the growing demand for qualified neonatal nurses, the more students stepping up to the challenge of this satisfying career, the better. 


The National Association of Neonatal Nurses established National Neonatal Nurses Day in 2000 to showcase the work these specialists do every day. The day honors neonatal nurses across the Nation for the care and protection they give to save the precious lives of babies. 

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HOW TO OBSERVE #NeonatalNursesDay

Thank a neonatal nurse you know by sending them a card. Let them know how much you appreciate the work they do. Hospitals and other professionals will take the time to celebrate their neonatal nurses and encourage them every day. If you’re a neonatal nurse, plan to attend a job fair to share your experiences with others considering the profession. Use #NeonatalNursesDay to share on social media. 


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