Every year on September 13th, National Celiac Disease Awareness Day encourages us to support those with the auto-immune disease affecting 3 million people.

Those with celiac disease avoid gluten due to the immune response that damages the villi in the small intestine. Over time, the damage prevents the absorption of nutrients into the body. Grains such as wheat, barley, rye, and even some oat products contain gluten. The destruction is irreversible and the only known treatment is a carefully controlled diet.

National Celiac Awareness Day promotes the importance of diagnosis as well as bringing resources and support to those who have already been diagnosed. Alternative meal preparation, diet suggestions, and celiac support groups help families provide nutritional lifestyles.


The United States Senate passed a unanimous resolution in 2005 supporting Celiac Disease Awareness Day on September 13th. The day recognized the birthday of Dr. Samuel Gee, the physician who first published literature on the nature of celiac disease and the need for a diet to treat the disease. The Senate continued to call for National Celiac Disease Awareness Day annually until 2011.

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HOW TO OBSERVE #CeliacDiseaseAwarenessDay

Share your tips and resources on this National Day. Offer to serve a completely gluten-free meal for a loved one or friend you know who has celiac. Also, be mindful of their needs at future gatherings. Ask for recipes to add to your collection for your reference. To find out more visit or Use #CeliacDiseaseAwarenessDay to share on social media.


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