Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day brings a little love to ginger cats. Sometimes called marmalade cats or tiger cats, ginger cats are orange tabby cats. Tabby cats have striped, marbled, ticked, or spotted markings on their coats, and almost always have a marking in the shape of an M on their forehead. All orange cats are tabbies, but not all tabbies are orange. There are no solid orange or ginger cats. Ginger cats come in shades of orange, gold, and red. Most ginger cats are male, and both domestic or wild cats can be ginger cats.

While all ginger cats are honored today, one particular ginger cat, Doobert, is recognized today for his role in helping change animal transport. Chris Roy created a software platform that helps coordinate animal rescue relay transport, which is used by rescue organizations and volunteers, and named it after Doobert, his late ginger cat. Doobert is by no means the only ginger cat to have ever garnered a bit of attention. Milo of The Adventures of Milo and Otis fame, Garfield, Winston Churchill’s cat, JockJones from Alien, and Orangey, who starred in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, among other films, all have had their time in the spotlight. But whether famous or not, all ginger cats are celebrated today!

That is our Leo pictured. He looks like a lion cub and definitely has the heart of one. This baby fell down a wall from a space in the attic. His momma somehow broke in, and had her litter up there. All his siblings are jet black. We had to rescue him from behind the bedroom walls. Took us 3 days to find him, cut the wall open and eventually animal services was able to help recover him from the crawl space under the floor.

While now he does not look it, he was rescued at two weeks old. Cold, starved and scared to death after his trip, it was touch and go for a while. Somewhere on his journey he must have consumed drywall or insulation that caused a bowel blockage. We had 3 vets tell us he just wouldn’t make it and we should let them euthanize him.. Today he lives happily chasing all our inside cats up the nearest wall and getting baths from them all.

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How to Observe Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

Some ways you could celebrate the day include:

  • If you have a ginger cat, show some extra appreciation for them. Give them more of your time, a new toy, or a special treat.
  • Show appreciation for someone else’s ginger cat.
  • Adopt a ginger cat.
  • Celebrate the legacy of Doobert by getting involved in animal rescue.
  • Watch a film with a ginger cat such as Breakfast at Tiffany’sThe Adventures of Milo and Otis, or Alien.
  • Read some Garfield comics.
  • Make sure to share on social media too…#GingerCatAppreciationDay


Jennifer lives happily in North Florida with her husband Scott and after a stroke and two brain surgeries her mom. While not blessed with children they dote on their four legged children four cats. I started writing after spinal surgery required second round of physical therapy to learn to walk yet again. While reading is a favorite hobby writing is something new with the launch of this blog and hopefully a fiction novel in the future.

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