FALL HAT MONTH – September

Fall is here, and it’s getting colder, so it’s time to break out the headgear. It’s Fall Hat Month! During Fall Hat Month, switch out of the cool-weather head protection and into stylish felt and fabric styles.

Hats were probably one of the first items of clothing found among primitive humankind. In ancient times, hats were considered a symbol of rank and status. Sculptures of Egypt, drawings of ancient China, and coins of early Greece and Rome depicted prominent individuals wearing hats, which was more than likely an indication of where they were on the hierarchy.

By the seventeenth century, hats had become a worldly attire. Interestingly, hats were available in the new world, but supplies like beaver were exported to Europe due to popularity. Strangely, wearing a straw hat after September 15 in 1920 America would get you mugged.

Hats have played an impressive role in human history. Presumably, U.S. President William Henry Harrison died shortly after his inaugural address because he refused to wear a cap on that cold, nasty day. A month later he was dead of pneumonia. Though it’s inaccurate hats prevent you from losing most of your body heat through your head, they are still a good idea to wear in cold or stormy weather. It never hurts to have an extra layer of protection during the winter months!

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HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalFallHatMonth

Finding that special hat might require some help from friends. A day of shopping might be necessary to honor National Fall Hat Day.

Use #NationalFallHatMonth in social media correspondence.


Hats have been enjoyed since the beginning of time, even making their way into songs. Rock ‘n’ roll pioneer Gene Vincent (“Be Bop A-Lula”) named his backup band the “Blue Caps” after the blue flat caps President Dwight Eisenhower wore while golfing. The most notably known hat is referred to as “Newsboy caps,” which has enjoyed a resurgence in the U.S. and Europe. This hat style is now popular for both men and women. Avid hat wearers call them “cabbie hats,” or more formally, “flat caps.”

Headwear Information Bureau originally sponsored Fall Hat Month reminding the public that as the seasons change, felt and fabric hats better protect our heads for the weather. They also fit the styles for the season.



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