On August 23rd, celebrate a sandwich that originated in Cuba, but grew up in Florida. National Cuban Sandwich Day is a tribute to flavor found in a toasted pressed sandwich.

While the Cubano traditionally consists of ham, roast pork, swiss cheese, pickles and mustard on Cuban bread, restaurants and home cooks serve up different versions. While the sandwich alone may serve as a satisfying meal, some very flavorful sides complement this globe-trotting sandwich. Like any grilled sandwich, a creamy, dunkable soup makes the perfect complement. Consider making this delicious Smoky Roasted Corn Soup. Another favorite side dish is seasoned sweet potato fries.

The sandwich brings together flavor and history, too. By combining traditions from Cuban, German, and Italian immigrants, the sandwich offers a world tour of simple ingredients. If you’ve never had one, this is the day to try it.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalCubanSandwichDay

Many restaurants offer specials on their Cuban Sandwich to celebrate the day. You’ll want to give the place that makes your favorite Cubano a shout-out, too! You can also make your own. Try a traditional recipe or change it up with your own distinctive style. You can also share the day with others while exploring new side dishes and recipes. Be sure to use #NationalCubanSandwichDay to share your celebrations on social media.


Journalist Christopher Spata of the Tampa Bay Times set out to test the National Day food celebration waters in 2016. In his mission to make up a new food holiday, he managed to create a celebration that has gone around the world. According to his article, he chose August 23rd because the only other food holiday was National Sponge Cake Day, “and who cares about that?” (He’s obviously never had sponge cake or tried making one.” And while some articles call it a hoax, those who celebrate food days take them seriously.

Sandwich FAQ

Q. When is National Sandwich Day?
A. National Sandwich Day is November 3.

Q. How many sandwich holidays are on the calendar?
A. The short answer is there are 13 sandwich-specific days on the calendar. But, define sandwich. Most people (and dictionaries) define “sandwich” as a food comprised of two pieces of bread with a filling of meat, cheese, or other food items in between the bread. Hoagie, hamburger, and sloppy Joe easily fit that description. Grilled cheese sandwich has the word “sandwich” in its name. Those are no-brainers. But, what is a hot dog? Chili dog? What about the Oreo? Is it a sandwich or can you count desserts? Speaking of desserts, how about a s’more? Are graham crackers bread? That brings us to quesadillas. Tortillas are bread and some quesadillas use two tortillas. Is a quesadilla a sandwich? And then there are the open-face sandwiches. Is an egg benedict considered an open-face sandwich?


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