National Pinot Noir Day on August 18th encourages wine lovers to experience one of the wine world’s most versatile wines.

Since Pinot Noir’s high acidity along with the lower tannins, it complements food nicely. Wineries around the world produce pinot noir using red wine grapes and primarily the Pinot Noir varietal.

The dry wine includes hints of cherry and raspberry, as well as earthy flavors and notes of floral. It’s one of the world’s favorite red wines, too. One Pinot Noir grown and produced in Burgundy, France bears the name of the region. France also produces more Pinot Noir than any other country. However, today the grape is grown all over the world. The soil, climate, and how it is processed all impact the flavors.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalPinotNoirDay

The easiest way to celebrate the day is by having a glass of Pinot Noir. However, don’t stop there. There are other ways to get the fullest enjoyment of this wine.

  • While sipping your wine, read up about it. May we suggest North American Pinot Noir by John Winthrop Haeger, Passion for Pinot: A Journey Through America’s Pinot Noir Country by Lorraine Evanoff or The Heartbreak Grape: A Journey in Search of the Perfect Pinot Noir by Marq de Villiers?
  • Another way to savor your Pinot Noir is while watching a documentary about how it’s made. The Holy Grail of Wine follows the passion of vintner John Saemann.
  • Curl up with your ruby red glass and enjoy the flavors with a charcuterie board while watching the film Sideways starring Paul Giamatti.
  • Attend a wine tasting and sample a variety of wines.
  • Serve a meal of salmon, pasta or game. If root vegetables and mushrooms are your pleasure, Pinot Noir will enhance your enjoyment.

Share your favorite pairs and bottle of Pinot Noir by using #NationalPinotNoirDay on social media.

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