There are many “nut” days throughout the year, but August 3rd embraces them all. It’s National Grab Some Nuts Day!

Defining a nut is tricky. Though botanically an almond and cashew aren’t considered nuts, once they’re in the can, it’s hard to tell the difference. The same goes for walnuts and peanuts, even though they have the word “nut” in their names. Despite the confusion, these nuts, legumes, seeds, and drupes continue to find their way into our daily diets. Whether we add them to salads or into our baking, we love nuts. We’re nutty for nuts!

Depending on the kind, they add necessary good fats to our diets. They’re also full of minerals and nutrients we might otherwise be missing. In the right quantities, they improve our health and make things taste better, too. There’s nothing too nutty about that.

These little bountiful nuggets contain beneficial nutrients, have a long shelf life, and can be quite portable. They add a nice crunch to snacks and desserts as well as satisfying meals. National Grab Some Nuts Day might seem a little squirrelly, but then again it’s the right time of year for it. Go nuts and grab a few or a lot!

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HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalGrabSomeNutsDay

Do not forget to grab a handful of your favorite nuts to snack on today! Better yet, get baking. Nuts add texture and flavor to baked goods. Don’t forget the savory dishes. Try adding almonds to salads, peanuts to stirfry or create a crust from crushed pecans for a pork roast.

Try my Keto Breaded Chicken for an awesome addition to salads or just use it as fried Chicken. No matter how you celebrate, the day encourages sharing by using #NationalGrabSomeNutsDay on social media. 


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