National Aunt and Uncle’s Day on July 26th honors a special set of relatives we look up to throughout our lives. During holidays, family events, and sometimes sleepovers, aunts and uncles often hold an extraordinary place in our hearts. They fill our lives with fun, laughter, love, and incredible memories.  

This holiday provides an opportunity to spend time with our parents’ siblings, those people we trusted and leaned on growing up. It would be an excellent time to get out the old photo albums. Look through the pictures, and relive the memories of earlier days around the Christmas tree or at the 4th of July picnic or the beach vacation including those special aunts and uncles in your life. Get together with your relatives and create new memories. Remind them of all the reasons you enjoy having them in your life. Celebrate the lessons they’ve taught you and share them with the next generation. 

Another way to celebrate the day is by documenting family memories and history. Aunts and uncles hold many memories of growing up with our parents and our grandparents. Sharing their stories and recording them for future generations will be a worthwhile endeavor. One way to record those stories is through

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HOW TO OBSERVE #AuntAndUnclesDay

Take the day to contact your aunts and uncles. Remember all the value they’ve added to your life and tell them about it. Share a meal, write them a note, help them the way they once supported you. Take photos with them and post them on social media using #AuntAndUnclesDay

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