July recognizes National Baked Bean Month! Gather your recipes and make up a batch or two.

Baked beans make an outstanding side dish all year round, but are a particular favorite during barbeques and picnics. Home cooks quickly make up a batch to bring in slow cookers, and they compliment many summer meals. Do you need more reasons to try baked beans this month?

How about this? They contain more fiber than many whole grains and are nearly fat-free. Beans are high in protein, too. From a nutrient standpoint, beans are a terrific source of calcium, iron, folic acid, and potassium. They may also help reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers.

Now, depending on the type of bean you bake, the nutrients and flavor vary. Most baked beans are made with navy beans in a sauce. However, baked beans can also be made with kidney, garbanzo or even pinto beans or a combination of all the above. What’s your favorite?


Make your favorite baked bean recipe. Don’t have one? Share your recipe or follow the month by using #BakedBeanMonth on social media.


The Michigan Bean Commission founded National Baked Bean Month in 1981 to promote all the benefits of the beans and to share the best ways to prepare baked beans.


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