When National Hug Your Cat Day rolls around each year on June 4th, the purr-fect opportunity presents itself for some snuggle time. Depending on your feline critter’s nature, hugging may not be in the cards. However, like most animals, touch is a vital part of communication – and the same goes for the claw-ful kind.

All kitten aside, if you’re fur-tunate enough to have a feline friend, any attention they give you may be a blessing. Others never leave your side and cuddle often. Of course, most cats have purr-sonality in spades.

Meow, if your feline friend becomes hiss-terical when you try to hug him, you may have to settle for a boop. It’s un-furr-tunate, but it is an option. Those who don’t have any feline companionship may need to litter-ally visit a neighbor or volunteer at a local shelter. Those paw-some critters need some hugs, too.

More Animls to love….


Love on your furr-tunate kitty. While you’re at it, make it a purr-manent part of your routine. If you are considering getting a cat, adopt instead of purchasing one. Share some paw-some kitties with cat-ittude by using #HugYourCatDay on social media.

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Jennifer lives happily in North Florida with her husband Scott and after a stroke and two brain surgeries her mom. While not blessed with children they dote on their four legged children four cats. I started writing after spinal surgery required second round of physical therapy to learn to walk yet again. While reading is a favorite hobby writing is something new with the launch of this blog and hopefully a fiction novel in the future.

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