Patriotic Playlist

Every year in America we reflect and give thanks to our Country, freedoms, and those who have and continue to protect our freedoms.

These people do not sit around all day. They are the hardworking everyday people. They are all of our veterans past, present, and future. To the military families who sacrifice so much, to support our troops. From the small business owners, veterans health centers, and our commitment to our America.

To those who continue to uphold and teach our values and ideals. These carry the spirit upon which this country was founded. For our continued success they must be instilled in the generations to come.

Turn up the volume and spread these ideals through some great music.

Need more occasions to play this list? Here are some suggestions…

Memorial Day

Army Birthday

Navy Birthday

Air Force Birthday

Marine Corps Birthday

4th of July

Independence Day

Patriot Day

V J day

National Guard Birthday

Armistice Day

Labor Day

Veterans Day

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Military Spouce Appreciation Day

Maritime Day

Gold Star Mothers Day

Flag Day

POW/MIA Recognition Day

National Airborne Day

Loyalty Day

Remembrance Day

National PTSD Awareness Day

USO Birthday

Coast Guard Reserve Birthday

Navy Reserve Birthday

National For

Hug a G. I. Day

Seabees Birthday

Rosie the Riveter Day

Medal of Honor Day

National Vietnam war veterans Day

Gold Star Spouces Day

Former POW Recognition Day

Airforce Reserve birthday

Purple Up For Military kids Day

Army Reserve Birthday

National Military Brat’s Day

Military Appreciation Month

Silver Star Service Banner Day

V E Day

D Day,

Freedoms Ring,

Did I forget your favorite? Please let me know. Suggestions always accepted. Enjoy your freedom and respect both one another and those who sacrifice still today that we may stay free.


Jennifer lives happily in North Florida with her husband Scott and after a stroke and two brain surgeries her mom. While not blessed with children they dote on their four legged children four cats. I started writing after spinal surgery required second round of physical therapy to learn to walk yet again. While reading is a favorite hobby writing is something new with the launch of this blog and hopefully a fiction novel in the future.

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