National Mint Julep Day on May 30th each year sets up a refreshing toast to summer. Each year, people around the country gather for a glass of mint julep! This refreshing southern classic is a traditional drink of the Kentucky Derby.

The Kentucky Derby: 101 Reasons to Love America's Favorite Horse Race Hardcover – April 1, 2010  by Mary Tiegreen (Author), Sheri Seggerman  (Author)
The Kentucky Derby: 101 Reasons to Love America’s Favorite Horse Race

by Mary Tiegreen (Author), Sheri Seggerman  (Author)

A classic mint julep is made with a mint leaf, bourbon, sugar, and water. In the Southern states, where mint julep is more associated with the cuisine, spearmint is the mint of choice. Preparation of the drink may vary from one bartender to another.

The Kentucky Mint Julep Hardcover – April 11, 2003  by Joe Nickell  (Author)
The Kentucky Mint Julep

by Joe Nickell  (Author)
  • Some believe the mint julep originated in the southern United States sometime during the 18th century.
  • The term “julep” is generally defined as a sweet drink, particularly one used as a vehicle for medicine.
  • During the 19th century, Americans also enjoyed a gin-based julep.
  • Each year, Churchill Downs serves almost 120,000 mint juleps over the two-day period of the Kentucky Oaks and the Kentucky Derby.
  • May 2008 – Churchill Downs unveiled the world’s largest mint julep glass (6-foot  tall).
Evan Williams Mint Julep Mix (12.5 oz)  by Evan Williams
Evan Williams Mint Julep Mix (12.5 oz)

by Evan Williams


Enjoy a mint julep on this nice spring day! Try out a delicious Mint Julep recipe. Use #MintJulepDay to post on social media.

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