National Great Outdoors Month in June reminds us to explore our nation’s abundant wildlife refuges, parks, and natural beauty.

Whether we hike or bike the trails, kayak or canoe the many rivers and canyons or pitch a tent in the forest or on a hillside,

No matter our preferred mode of enjoying the great outdoors – hiking, biking, kayaking to name a few – nature is calling. Pursue the beauty and majesty of the big skies and open spaces the outdoors offers.

This month also raises awareness of the accessibility of the great outdoors. Depending on where we live, sometimes reaching nature is more difficult. Many cities create relaxing and vibrant green spaces with trails and paths designed for easy access by the community. However, in some inner-city neighborhoods, access to parks or the ability to get outside the city to visit State or National Parks is difficult.

National Great Outdoors Month is an excellent time to consider making access possible.


Visit a State or National Park. Volunteer as a summer camp counselor.  Take an outdoor photography class. Sign up for Northern lights tour. Get blisters where you’ve never had them before.  Go deep sea diving. Learn how to identify birds and go birding. Share your enthusiasm for nature with a group of students and take them on a nature hike.  Become a Big Brother or Big Sister and go on a group nature bike trail. Share your ideas on social media using #GreatOutdoorsMonth.


Great Outdoors Month was founded in 1998 to celebrate nature. Visit to learn more.

Check out great national parks and places of interest by state.

Alabama Day – Dec 14
Alaska Day – Oct 18
Arizina Day June 21
California Day Feb 22
Colorado Day April 12
Connecticut Day August 10
Delaware Day July 13
Florida Day jan 25
Georgia Day Agust 3
Hawaii Day July 5
Idaho Day May 17
Illinois Day Dec 7
Indiana Day Nov 16
Iowa Day Feb 7
Kansas Day March 28
Kentucky Day October 19
Louisiana Day Nov 8
Maine Day Dec 21
Maryland Day Agust 24
Massachusetts Day Aug 17
Michigan Day Jan 18
Minnesota Day March 1
Mississippi Day Nov 13
Missouri Day Jan 4
Montana Day May 3
Nebraska Day April 5
Nevada Day March 29
New Hampshire Day Sept 7
New Jersey Day July 27
New Mexico Day June 14
New York Day Sept 21
North Carolina Sept 28
North Dakota April 19
Ohio Day Nov 2
Oklahoma Day June 7
Oregon Day May 8
Pennsylvania Day July 20
Rhode Island Day Oct 5
South Carolina Day August 31
South Dakota Day April 26
Tennessee Day October 26
Texas Day Feb 1
Utah Day May 31
Vermont Day Oct 12
Virginia Day Sapt 14
Washington Day May 10
West Virginia Day june 20
Wisconsin Day feb 17
Wyoming Day May 24


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