All April long, National Jazz Month celebrates the heritage and history of jazz.

The roots of jazz can be found in the blues. The exciting history of jazz takes us through the deep south along back roads and into the big cities all across the United States and then the world. The thrum of the bass and sizzle of the snare make the nightclubs dazzle just a little more against the brass and lights.

Growing out of the deep south at the turn of the 20th century and working its way up the Mississipi Delta, jazz influenced musicians along the way. As it grew, it inspired more improvisation, and as a result, new methods formed and new styles of music, too. Music and jazz were developing and changing quickly. The impact of jazz on the country was profound.

Kick back and listen to the sound of history as you listen to Miles Davis or any modern-day jazz musician. Let the music move you.


Celebrate National Jazz Month by listening to your favorite jazz artist, attending a concert or reading about the history of jazz.  Use #JazzAppreciationMonth #JAM

Here’s a great playlist of new and old for your listening delight.

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