In the deep chill of January,  National Soup Month warms us up with piping hot bowls of comfort! We all have our favorites; Mom’s chicken noodle doesn’t compare to anyone else’s, and Grandma’s borscht can’t be beat. A savory broth filled with vegetables and seasonings envelopes home with a delicious aroma. National Soup Month calls the family to gather and enjoy a hearty meal together!

Gather up your recipes and the ingredients. Where to start? When it comes to soups, there are so many choices! Creamy squash. Split pea. Hearty beef and vegetable. Are you hungry, yet?  Whether you make French onion or baked potato soup, we know these filling soups are a staple of winter meals. It’s a month-long celebration, so make them all!

Here are some of our favorites……

Soups not only warm us up on cold winter days, but they fulfill our need for nutrients lost working hard in the elements. If you’ve been out shoveling snow, chopping wood or caring for animals, a soup full of vegetables, minerals and oils replenish the energy lost. Chicken noodle soup is known for its healing properties, as well.  What better way to stay healthy than to eat a bountiful bowl of chicken tortilla or tomato soup?

And when we make a large kettle of soup, there’s plenty to share making the soup a social meal. If there is soup leftover, it stores and reheats easily.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalSoupMonth

Make your favorite soups all month long and try some new ones while you’re at it. Use #NationalSoupMonth to post on social media and spread the word. Add croutons or crackers and make warm memories.


Campbell’s founded National Soup Month in 1986.


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