January is National Menudo Month. This iconic dish is a Mexican soup made with beef tripe and hominy. It is typically a favorite at Mexican family gatherings and special celebrations. It is also rumored to be the perfect cure for hangovers. Celebrate by sharing your menudo tradition with loved ones and creating new family memories.

The secret to delicious Menudo is quality ingredients, cooking time and the cook’s special seasoning or sazón that makes it unique. Menudo can be time-consuming to prepare, and there are many regional variations. It is typically served with an array of condiments including onion, cilantro, oregano, lime, and either bread or tortillas. Menudo is the perfect dish for bringing the family together.


Juanita’s founded National Menudo Month to celebrate the cultural icon of Menudo and recognize the importance of preserving and passing down this important Mexican culinary tradition to future generations. In 2018, Juanita’s achieved the Guinness World Record for the largest Menudo soup ever made, weighing in at an impressive 2,439 pounds. By innovating and sharing their products with the community, Juanita’s is on a mission to celebrate Menudo every day and keep the tradition alive!

About Juanita’s
Juanita’s has been making authentic Mexican Menudo since 1950 turning every day into an excellent occasion to enjoy a traditional bowl of Menudo with family and friends. Our legacy is our love of all that is Mexican; our traditions, our culture, our family and above all…our food!


During the month of January celebrate National Menudo Month by enjoying a bowl of Juanita’s Menudo. Join the festivities by visiting for details on great weekly giveaways, retail tour schedule, and community events scheduled. Check out Juanita’s website, follow Juanita’s Foods on Facebook and use #NationalMenudoMonth or #Vivelatradicion to share on social media.


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