National Rhubarb Month

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October recognizes Rhubarb Month! We only eat the stalk of the plant, making Rhubarb unique for this reason. While stalk of the rhubarb is tasty with many health benefits, the leaves are quite poisonous, so stay away from that part! The sweet, tart stalks make delicious desserts and wines and take on the flavors of other fruits and berries.

Here are some of the health benefits that are sure to make you want to give rhubarb a try. 

-It can help with weight loss because it promotes a healthy metabolism.

-It can help prevent Alzheimer’s and other diseases that affect the brain because the Vitamin K levels help keep brain cells healthy.

-Rhubarb improves bone health, again, because of the Vitamin K that stimulates bone growth and repair.

-It improves your vision thanks to high levels of Vitamin C and lutein.

-Since it’s rich in Vitamin A, rhubarb is great for your skin and can even slow the aging process.

Celebrate Rhubarb… It’s even celebrated on several occasions throughout the year.


Use some rhubarb in cooking.  Use #RhubarbMonth to post on social media. 


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