Observed annually on November 29th, Electronic Greetings Day encourages us to send an electronic greeting. At the same time, the day reminds us of how much things have changed.  

The convenience and speed of sending an electronic greeting allows more people than ever to participate in this thoughtful process. We all enjoy it when someone remembers our birthdays, anniversaries, and other important life events. While greeting cards continue to be used, electronic greetings are far more cost-effective and mean equally as much.

Since the advent of the electronic greeting, social media and other messaging systems are expanding our communication methods. We can send a birthday wish through a messaging system and include a favorite memory. If a friend is sick, we show we care by simply clicking a button and sending funny videos. When we miss someone, these days we’re never very far away. We can send them a video message. Wait, we can do better than that. With our smartphone or computer, video chats keep us connected, too. The miracles of technology continue to expand and bring us closer all the time. 

Now days everybody has a phone or a tablet. Send the kids a special message. Encourage them to write back. Starting a habit like this will ensure as they grow. It also makes a great holiday tradition.

I love to use this time not only for my electronic card giving but it’s a great time to get those real holiday cards ready to go in the mail. While I love sending and sharing with social media and email, nothing replaces the special feeling of recieving a real card in the mail.

For an extra treat I try to send individual cards to niece’s and nephews. I can guarantee a 3 or 4 year old will be over the moon to get one addressed to them in the mailbox even if they need someone to read it for them. Older child, we have some just learning to read so it’s fun to include a longer message for them to read.

HOW TO OBSERVE #ElectronicGreetingsDay

Send an electronic greeting. Use your preferred method of communication – electronically. It may be text, video, live or pre-recorded. Make it short or long. Maybe it will be on social media, or perhaps, it will be a sweet card through e-mail.

Gather the family together for a group discussion or play a game online. However, you send it, celebrate with enthusiasm, and share it using #ElectronicGreetingsDay to post on social media.


Not long after the advent of electronic mail (e-mail) in 1993, the electronic greeting came along.  Judith Donath created the first electronic greeting card site in 1994 at the MIT Media Lab. It was called the Electric Postcard.



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