National Apple Month in October promotes the sales of apples. Since the season is ripe for apple recipes, National Apple Month makes sure you have all the information you need to prepare all the mouthwatering preserves, pastries, and desserts on your list. 

Throughout the month, apple displays explode in retailers across the country. Complementary products make their appearance and fill consumers with reminders of the ways apples fill the wish lists of family and friends during the holidays. Whether we enjoy homemade apple butter or fresh-baked pies, or simply a ripe apple, the industry has us covered! Sales and distributors are prepared to meet the demand, so all you have to do is delight in the goodness of the over 200 different varieties of apples available in the United States. 

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalAppleMonth

Grab an apple and use #NationalAppleMonth to post on social media.

Visit the National Day Calendar recipe page for ideas. While there are several, the apple cider float recipe is especially delicious!

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In 1905, Captian James Handly of Quincy, Il united growers across the United States to support an annual observance of National Apple Day. The movement joined growers, distributors, and sales in the purpose of increasing sales and improving awareness of the product they provided to the general public. Their endeavor that started in 1905 grew into a week and then a month-long celebration. By 1973, National Apple Month became an annual event that’s looked forward to by producers and consumers alike. Today, the U.S. Apple Association supports the annual event and the individual organizations involved.


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