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On September 15th, National Linguine Day fills the dinner menu at home and restaurants across the country. 

From the Liguria region of Italy, linguine means “little tongues” in Italian. Made from durum semolina flour, linguine is one of the world’s oldest kinds of pasta. Fettuccine and linguine developed around 400 years ago. While both are thin, flat noodles, linguine is narrower and more elliptical in shape. As a result, linguine produces a more delicate pasta. To avoid breakage, pair linguine with thinner, lighter sauces.

Lighter sauces doesn’t limit linguine’s flavor profile. In fact, linguine recipes offer a wide variety of sauces. Whether you prefer spicy pasta or seafood, linguine offers a nice base. It compliments herb and butter sauces nicely, too. When adding fresh vegetables, linguine allows the bright colors to shine. Pesto lovers rave over linguine. Another flavor that linguine favors is the earthiness of mushrooms.

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If you enjoy pasta but haven’t cooked with linguine, give it a try. Don’t hesitate to try new sauces. Share recipes or test out new once. No matter your preference, lightly seasoned, spice or taste of the ocean, linguine will satisfy your craving.

Invite some friends over and open a bottle of wine. Break open the pasta and get cooking!

Enjoy these delicious linguine recipes and use #NationalLinguineDay to post on social media.

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