International Coffee Day

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On October 1st, we celebrate International Coffee Day. What better way to show your love of java than by enjoying a cup today. Whether we make it at home, or stop by your favorite coffee shop. A cup of this pick me up is definitely on our menu today.

Most of us start our mornings with a good hot cup of coffee. Most of us go back for more. Hot, Iced, Latte, Breve, Cappuccino, or Frappe, chances are you’ve had some today. With it’s popular tastes and an extra boost to help us through our long days, is it any wonder how it has become such staple. Every year on October 1st, the world comes together to celebrate coffee and recognise the millions of people across the globe – from farmers, to roasters, baristas, coffee shop owners and more  – who work hard to create and serve the beverage we all love.

With 3 billion cups consumed a day it’s easy to see that it’s quite popular. As that number continues to rise it’s can be said it’s one of the worlds most loved beverages.

Whilst this is a time for celebration, leading up to and during ICD each year, we also focus on how to continue to improve coffee’s future. At present, in spite of growing demand, coffee faces a dramatic issue, as the prices that producers receive today are more than 30% below the average of the last ten years, threatening the livelihoods of coffee farmers and their families. 

This year we’re on a collectivemission to help coffee farmers around the world receive a fair, living income.

So grab your regular or learn a new language from ordering at Starbucks. Maybe it’s a good enough reason to have an extra cup, just the way you like it, to celebrate. After all it’s International Coffee Day!

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The unofficial holiday was created by Jeff Brown in 2000. The holiday encourages people to use balloons and the art of balloon twisting and decorating to bring smiles to the faces of those around them.


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