That title is more important to everyday Americans. The regular families. Parents who work both white and blue collar. Children to carry on your families traditions. Growing up our holidays like this were spent with great family, plenty of food, and the pyrotechnics show given in almost every town, large and small across the country. Swimming pools, sunscreen, and BBQ scents fill the air. Lawn chairs, watermelon, ice cream and red, white, and blue can be seen everywhere.

Laughter, squeals, and firework pops are audible over the playlists of classic rock, Souza marches, and songs of Americana heritage. Any one born here should take this opportunity to give thanks for being born here, and immigrated. Give thanks to the men and women of our armed services who protecting our freedoms.

With the advent of social media we are all familiar with the policies swirling through current events. To agree or disagree is not the important question here. Recognizing that we have the right to disagree, we all must learn to get along and live together. All who stand within our shores should be proud to be an American. Our Flag, Government, and our values shape this great place we call home. Never let anyone tell you that you are unlucky to be here. We do not live in fear of imprisonments, torture, and many of the horrors, we see abroad. Is all fair and just here, no but looking around the world you could do much worse.

As we Celebrate the founding of this nation, on July 4, we remember those who came before. Immigrant, native, man, woman, child. Let us focus on the positives, and work toward solutions that resolve our arguments. This July 4th, as we spend time with family and friends, bbq or take-out, enjoy the time and festivities.

If you find yourself in a quiet moment, add a special song to your playlist, wave the flag and proudly display what makes up the best part of our country, We The People.

Please drink responsibly and remember that alcohol and fireworks can be a bad combination.

Celebrate your independence in America on July 4th!

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