Bridgerton, Discovery of Witches, Nancy Drew, and Men in Kilts, all are extremely worthy of a binge watch.  As the hiatus of some of our favorites have been extended, these are both great in thier own right and good for the break in some of our favorites.

Men in Kilts

While we wade through yet another droughtlander, made longer by the state of Coronavirus, Men in Kilts is both a wonderful distraction and a great way to await season 6 of Outlander.

Sam Heugen and Graham McTavish, take you on a wild trip through Scotland.  Showcasing the tastes, customs, traditions, and wonders to behold.  Discover more of their unique personalities, as they sample foods, drinks, sports, scenery, and life on the road.


Wealth, lust, and betrayal set against the backdrop of Regency-era England, seen through the eyes of the powerful Bridgerton family.

Follow Julia Quinns beloved Brigerton family in this Netflix original series.   With numerous accolades, this hit has already been renewed for Season 2.  We can only hope they will continue through the family which would give us a total of 7 seasons.

Discovery of Witches

This Sci-fi series captures your attentions.  Matthew Goode (Leap Year) and Tessa Palmer embark on a romantic relationship that is supposed to be forbidden.  He is a vampire and geneticist searching for answers when he stumbles upon a reluctant witch who can help him find answers.  She was born a witch, yet is reluctant to even explore the possibility of her powers until outside forces threaten them both. 

They quite literarily step back in time to avoid thos perusing them.  As she explores learning her powers, he protects her and guides her through history.  If all vampires were like him I guarantee he would never lack a date.

Nancy Drew

Star Trek Discovery

In its third season this new series breathes new life into the world of Star Trek.  With character based storytelling, it explores both new adventures and relationships between the characters.

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