Melt it, toast it, or add it to a salad. October is American Cheese Month!

In the United States, we enjoy quite a list of American cheeses. While you may recognize Swiss and Colby, bleu and cheddar, it’s the artisan cheeses that add that extra flair. American cheesemakers across the country provide an abundance of flavor and choice and American Cheese Month sets out to let you know what’s available.

No matter what you’re looking for, there is an American cheese that will fit the necessary taste profile. Philadelphia created a soft cheese perfect for baking and dips. Our cheesemongers recommend the ideal cheese to pair with your wine to start a romantic meal. The roots of cheesemaking run deep in the United States and show no signs of stopping.

According to the USDA, Americans consumed 34 pounds of cheese per capita in 2015, and they have steadily increased that amount over the last 20 years. We love our cheese. There are so many ways we enjoy it. We add it to soups, salads, pizza and so much more. By itself, it’s a go-to snack. We. Love. Cheese. Even better than that, we love American cheeses!

Celebrate cheese days nearly every month of the year! If you eat cheese, there’s a day for you. National Goat Cheese Month in August gives you another entire month to celebrate. Some of us wonder about the fuzzy stuff on cheese. There’s a day for that, too. National Moldy Cheese Day is October 9. Visit a cheesemonger and discover an American cheese you haven’t tried before.


Explore the wide variety of American cheeses made in the United States. Use #AmericanCheeseMonth to post on social media.

Be sure to continue exploring all things cheese!


The American Cheese Society celebrated the first American Cheese Month in October 2011 to spread awareness concerning the growing variety of American cheese available.


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