Black Cat Appreciation Day on August 17th aims to dispel all myths surrounding black cats. Additionally, the day shouldn’t be confused with National Black Cat Day.

Superstitions aside, cats are simply adorable, even black ones. These feline creatures in their sleek, black coats may carry an air of mystery. However, most cats do. Along with that, their ability to find mischief or to avoid you equals that of tabbys, cinnamons, gingers, calicos, whites or grays.

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However, one black cat fact that holds true is they are less likely to be adopted. Just like black dogs, this variety of cat gets shunned at shelters. Despite this, black cats still respond to love and attention no differently than other felines.

Animal Allies Northwest Florida
This is a fantastic resource both for animals in need, education, and uniting cats with forever homes.
Mini panther Charlie  hogging the blankets.
The biggest fault of our mini panther is he steals the blankets.

So, let a black cat cross your path. They aren’t witches. More than likely, adopting a black cat will help keep the mouse population down around the place. Expect the number of cuddles in your life to increase, too!

Charlie was abandoned by his previous owners. After a diligent search for his owners, we adopted him. He was already so socialized and sweet, we could not even consider consigning him to a shelter. We already had 3 cats but there was no way this personality would do well in a shelter.

He started out as my kitty, due to some health issues and a natural preference he adores my husband. They talk, and Charlie will talk and lead you to his treats.

Whiskas Temptations Mixups Treats for Cats - Backyard Cookout (Pack of 2)  by Whiskas
Whiskas Temptations Mixups Treats for Cats – Backyard Cookout (Pack of 2)

by Whiskas

If my husband leaves the house, or even goes to a room Charlie cannot follow he serenades at the top of his lungs. He also sings to us when he brings you a catnip mouse toy or pompom.

Every day the man who swore we did not need another cat spends extra time in the bathroom with him. This is thier private time. He’s even teaching our newer additions to carry on his traditions.

HOW TO OBSERVE #BlackCatAppreciationDay

Consider adopting a black cat. Take photos of your black cat, too! Support your local shelters and volunteer. You can groom a black cat (or any cat for that matter), give him cuddles, and maybe even take one home.  Overcome your fears and use #BlackCatAppreciationDay while sharing your new-found love for those black cats on social media. 

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Celebrate this day to dispel myths and fears of Black Cats. Every home should have the privilege of a mini panther.

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