On June 9th of each year, National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day is observed.  A tart vegetable, rhubarb is often paired with sweet fruits making for a delicious dessert.

Around the country, rhubarb is a perennial favorite for home gardens. One of the first fruits of their labors, gardeners begin to harvest rhubarb in the middle of May and early June, and it finds its way into desserts and preserves.  Since it takes on the flavor of the fruit or vegetable it is paired with, it is an excellent compliment to many recipes.  

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Not only is rhubarb known for making deliciously baked goods and satisfying the hankering for something from the garden early in the season, but it also has many other qualities.  Rub a cut stalk of rhubarb over a burnt skillet and let the high oleic acid content do the work.  It’s been a primary ingredient in many cleansers for over a 100 years.  

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Rhubarb is so high in oleic acid, in fact, the leaves are toxic to humans.  The stalks, however, are a consumable, rich and healthful source of oleic acid. The benefits of enjoying rhubarb could help reduce blood pressure, increase your body’s ability to burn fat and generate brain myelin. Now, that’s a reason to celebrate National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day!


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