St Patrick’s Day may have been in March, but for women celebrating a birthday this month well Diamonds are A Girls Best Friend!  Diamonds are April’s Birthstone.  

While some lament the vibrant color of some other months they do go with everything.  If you haven’t heard diamonds do come in colors naturally.  The vibrant blue is my favorite.  They are also available in chocolate, pink, green, orange  and yellow, are also fun. Only 20% of diamonds are gem quality.  An even smaller percentage are fancy colored.  Fancy vivad blue are rare just not so much as red or purple. The most famous and supposedly cursed blue,  is The Hope Diamond. 

.                                                   The Hope Diamond

These sparkling beauties make wonderful additions to an Easter basket.  Most engagement rings stay with the traditional white .50 carat round, in a durable setting platinum being the most secure.  Explore these fancy colors and even cuts or shapes. While most of us stay traditional with engagement, and wedding rings, these others make a great way to express yourself.  With the rise of their popularity they become more widely available and easier to attain. As a jeweler for 15 years I’ve seen them all up close, I choose blue because they match my eyes and I get so many compliments on my eyes when I wear them.

Whether the Easter Bunny delivers or someone closer to home, explore some of these fun, and envious pieces.  Ask your jeweler for a gift as beautiful and special as she is.  All diamonds are unique like snowflakes. Make her birthday as special as she is!!