We have probably heard the song “Goin to the Chapel” and “Ding, Dong , The Wedding Bells Are Gonna Chime”.  It’s wedding season  in Florida.  The mild spring temperatures, especially in Florida, gives us the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor venues before the heat and tourists descend on our beautiful beaches. I hear they  are very popular spots for weddings.  

.           Pensacola Beach

As a native I considered several parks and indoor/outdoor locations.  A beautiful oak shaded round gazebo surrounded by historic buildings.  Across the street a 650 year old church neatly kept behind a white picket fence. Whatever your dream location, I know how quickly the sunshine turns liquid here, so mine had both  indoor and out.

.                       Take a Beautiful Step back in Time

As we celebrate 13 years this Monday, so even though it’s not always rosy, we’ve made it this far.  We must be doing something right if we’re still happily together 13 years later. We never dreamed that a surprise stroke would put us here.  I would say our stubbornness, patience, and positive vision has served us both well over the years.  

As I look back almost all our squabbles, they have stemmed from miscommunication. He speaks apples, I speak oranges our stubbornness keeps us going until we figure out where the issue is.  Our patience with each other runs from infinite, to really short, yet here we are.  20 years ago I would have said some very different qualities make for a good, lasting, happy marriage.

The last four years humor, patience, fortitude, and hopefully Grace have seen us through.  I remember before our wedding, several well meaning friends, and family, pointed to our age difference, that we do not see, how I would be burdened with caring for him as we age.  Our sense of humor comes to the fore in the irony that exists today.  He has spent the last four years as my primary caretaker.  Hope springs eternal with a lift and some more therapy I will regain my mobility.  Bless his heart he has learned to cook among other new skills.  Please pray for our medical insurance to stop holding things up.

.              Dinner for 2

As we celebrate with help,  I want to treat him to a special dinner, and dessert.  I think Champaign, a shared shrimp cocktail to start. I’m ordering the cake from Publix, something rich and chocolate I think. Dinner for 2.  Rib eye medium rare, loaded baked potatoes, asparagus or artichokes, and very good salad.  What do you make for a special meal.  Sangria or red wine? Mixed vegetables,or creamed spinach with artichoke hearts? Rib eye or Tbone? Just you two or family too? Do you cook up something special, or let him treat you to a favorite?  I save new recipes for occasions other than this.  I’ve done this before so no anxiety during cooking.  I try to surprise him.  I’ve tried several themes over the years for these special evening.  Do your hair, makeup, fragrance, and decorate and or dress according to your theme.  We’ve traveled for candlelit dinners in France, picnics on the beach, or English countryside.  My goal is to make it memrable.  A rustic country picnic with the family, might be right, or a sultry night with Spanish flair.  Lower the lights, move furniture, get creative, choose a soft music to reflect your locale and theme. Without leaving home.

.                                                                Special for 2

Did our marriage happen like a romance novel not exactly.  13 years strong, is a testament to our faith, love, and humor.  Even more important the ability to adapt, meet life as it comes and never let those forces tear us apart. To the man I love twice as much today as when we first fell in love, Happy Anniversary. I love you, today, tomorrow and always.