So with Valentines day fast approaching most women have already purchased their gifts or have a good idea of what to get for Valentines.   I for instance only have to buy cards for hubby and friends whom get gifts.   Now if you ask my hubby or most  men not only don’t know what they are getting anyone,  for a large percentage didn’t realize the date was anywhere close.  So as they are figuring out what to get,  you can help with input.   They are actually releaved to be “told what to buy”.  Subtlultey  is a lost cause here.   Jewelry is one of the favorites , but there are some distinct differences out there and you need information to help you,  help him to have a vague idea down to a specific piece you have tried on.   If the later, let a sales person give you all the info on the piece,  then leave card in a place he’s sure to find.   That goes for out of an add you saw too. 

Reguadles of who is picking out the piece it is important to follow these tips. 

  • Fashion or fine if it’s on an open sales floor or made of base metals in China it will unfortunately  not last very long.   I know that it’s more expensive,  however buying fine will give a reminder through many years how much you are loved.  That little expense I guarantee you have earned as his/her partner.   Fine Jewelry not only features real gemstones,  real gold, silver,  or platinum,  it will not turn your skin green and will become a cherished momentous to hand down to generations to come. 
  •  Big terms like exclusive collection,open hears, Tawalski , Leo, LeVian, and assorted collections are called such for precision cuts inflicted, more faucets than in a normal cut made by a designer which may or may not improve the quality.  
  • Lastly there are simple signs of quality to look for in any piece.  In the us a all metals are required to be stamped. Gold is 10k, 14,18k or 24k. For durability reasons you should stay 14k.  Pure silver and gold are both soft so out her metals like copper,zinc, nickel, or others to make sterling silver for instance, is .925 that isa 75% pure silver.  White and yellow golds are done the same way.  Even platinum has to stamped”plat” there are others but these are the most common.
  • Gems in fine jewelry are real, simulated, or created.  The most valuable are determined by color,  clarity, and sparkle like diamonds.  Real can range in color and have differing hardness.  A lot of more expensive or softer stones are created in a lab.  Color,size, quality are the same.  A stimulant is glass or paste. These or plastic is used in fine jewelry.
  • The best gifts are the ones she’ll wear over and over.  Which option you choose can be a factor.  A necklace or pendant are normally safest unless she is picking up small children.  Rings need to be sized and generally need maintenance every couple years.  It is recommended to have evaluation from jeweler every six moths.  This will lead to fewer repairs.  Even the most careful of us need some annual check up and or repair
  • Some women adore hearts for Valentine’s, others may prefer the newer styles of Pandora, LeVian, Simply Love by Vera Lang, Open Hearts by Jane Seymour, Love Knot, Past Present Future, Ever Us
  • Prices will vary if you go to a jewelry only store like, Kayes, Jared, Sales, etc. Will carry more of said collections, and will carry more expensive items.  To save try jewelry stores like JcPenney, Kohls, Sears, Some Sam’s Clubs,will be more affordable.  I do not recommend Wal-Mart, Kmart, over some big box stores simply based on consumer experiences I’ve seen over the years of my career.
  • Let her show off her devilish side

    Make her smile with LeVian at participating stores

Not all women want jewelry, I know it sounds funny to some of but please remember you Valentine actually loves you enough to spend quite a bit of time finding you the perfect gift.  Remember the main part of the gift is the love it took to get it.  As one of my girlfriend’s likes to say,’when a two year old hands you a phone saying they are calling for you’ you answer the phone.  Leave pictures of what you want in predominate places he will get better.  I accept all gifts because I would not be able to take my husbands love back to a store.  So what do you want this Valentine’s Day. Comment your favorites, and if you have jewelry questions i’ll try to answer, I do not work for any stores.  May you have all the love you deserve…..yes that includes Cheerios breakfast in bed from the kids.